About the organization's advisors


Tuere Duton Forbes

Academic/Wellness Advisor


Tuere Dunton-Forbes, a Georgia native, currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her supportive husband Marcelles, and their spirited daughter, Amari. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Alabama A&M University, and a M.Ed. in School Counseling from Florida A&M University. Passionate about helping others, she has worked in the school system as a Professional School Counselor since 2005. Her interest in making health and wellness a priority to her lifestyle was birthed out of the death of both of her parents (2013 & 2016) to preventable diseases; and an attack on her own health, for which was later diagnosed as Lyme Disease. Enduring those losses, and withstanding her own health challenge has given her the desire to be a better steward of her temple; so that she can be an example, and educate others on how to do the same. Though it’s unfortunate that many wait until given a diagnosis of some sort before making the decision to make prevention a priority in life; Tuere believes that small steps can make a BIG difference, as she is living proof. As a result, she obtained her Health Coaching certification via the completion of Dr. Sears Wellness Institute science-based program (2016); and is using her knowledge and personal experiences to build her life and wellness coaching business by empowering others to live as the C.E.O. of their lives

Academic/Wellness Advisor
Tonya Williams

Teen Group Advisor


LaTania S. Williams, passionately known as Tonya, is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and a graduate from Garinger High School.  Tonya also attended Pfeiffer University where she obtained a BS in Business Administration.  While in her last semester at Pfeiffer University, Tonya fell in love with psychology.  As a result of her love for psychology, she also has a love for helping people which lead her to further her education at Liberty University.  Tonya earned a Master of Arts in Marital and Family Counseling and is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of North Carolina.


Tonya has counseled many populations, but her passion is teenage girls.  Tonya understands the complexities of being a teenage female, which is why she has been instrumental in educating teens and helping them to recover from various issues.  Such issues include; defiance, depression, anxiety, self mutilation, low self esteem, bullying, anger management, etc.  Tonya’s philosophy is “if I can positively impact the life of at least one person, my work has not been in vein.”

Tonya’s hobbies includes: traveling, reading, shopping and relaxing.  Tonya is currently engaged to be married in 2018 and she has a beautiful 21 year old daughter.

Teen Group Advisor