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Today's teens are tomorrow's leaders, which is why investing in their development is crucial.  While they may receive their academic foundation at school, their everyday environment, their home life, the media and countless other things influence who they become, and ultimately the decisions they make.  Once the single mother of a teenage girl, I have firsthand experience with what types of pressures teenagers face on a daily basis, and I can assure you their world is full of constant difficult decisions.   After witnessing the experiences her daughter and peers encountered it became clear that in order to have a personal foundation of self respect, self motivation and a sense of integrity to make positive choices, teenagers need encouragement and guidance.  With the assistance of a committed group of women, AN IMAGE OF ME was developed.


To foster an environment of success through exposure and access to educational, entrepreneurial, leadership and service opportunities, for girls entering 6th - 9th grades.

On behalf of AN IMAGE OF ME, we wish to THANK all of the parents whom will allow their young ladies to participate in our program.  Also we thank the volunteers whom will dedicate their time and talents to the organization.  We know that it takes trust to build relationships  and commitment to make them last.  In advance, we appreciate the trust that you will extend to our organization and we in turn will make a commitment to strengthen our relationship with the community. 


Creating a community based VILLAGE where girls are nurtured to become self-assured, and are equipped to be the emerging voices of social justice and champions of their own uniqueness.

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